February 17, 2013 -

    Streamgraphs are a fantastic way to visualize multiple data series over a period of time. In addition to having undeniable visual appeal, streamgraphs display a rich amount of data. What initially looks like a number of squiggly lines represents the ebbs and flows of a dataset over time.

    In the context of baseball, I'm using streamgraphs to chart the offensive production of a team's batters over the course of a season wth each layer representing a different player. The height of each layer is determined by a players production, which is then mapped by date along the horizontal axis. The offensive production of the entire team is the vertical sum of all layers combined. The variation in the height of the streamgraph represents a team's hot streaks and cold snaps. A relatively flat chart shows that a team remained consistent over the course of a season, whereas a chart with high peaks and low valleys shows that a team was streaky, or perhaps gained/lost productive players.

    I intend to produce an offensive streamgraph for each team from the 2012 season, and potentially teams of interest from previous seasons. The list below will be updated as the streamgraphs are created.


    Angels Athletics Blue Jays Braves Brewers Dodgers Giants Mariners Nationals Orioles Pirates Rangers Rays Red Sox Yankees

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    December 13, 2012 -

    It is strange how such an unpredictable game can be so accurately quantified; how discrete demonstrations of strength and speed and jaw-dropping athleticism lend themselves so well to the columns of spreadsheets and the variables of formulas.

    This project is an attempt to breathe life into 100+ years of immaculately recorded baseball statistics. It is an attempt to break those statistics out of their tabulated shackles and transform them with imagination and color.